stanozolol effects on joints

How bad is Winstrol really for your joints?

I have used it myself to deal with my elbows problems, and it helped like no other compound or stack of compounds. A common trait for most of anabolic steroids

is their ability to trigger a powerful aromatization process. When I used winny i never had joint problems. Unfortunately, Winstrol reduce estrogen level in the body and water retention causing joints to dry. I took 3 Fish oil pills. Reply With", 10:06 AM #8 Originally Posted by 45POP I'm wondering how many of you have experience joint problems due to Winstrol use, I'm looking to run a long 8 week cycle of it but worry about hurting my rotator cuff again. I don't use. Winstrol has an antagonistic effect on progesterone. Gator Reply With", 08:43 AM #22 I'm usin wini now. Reply With", 09:24 PM #9 Originally Posted by THE-DET-OAK speaking of wrong-i just visited another board that i use to hang at sometimes-that bill guy and dr scally are their-either everything i have ever learned is wrong-or their retarted Yep they are idiots. Unfortunately, this counters with what I have read on boards about Stanozolol but not sure if people are confusing Test with Stanozolol. It is similar to the. Reply With", 03:51 AM #3, there are supplements you can take to help alleviate the pain and make it most likely not noticeable, but if you are truly concerned - why not use a different oral such as anavar? For cutting purpose you will obviously consider Winstrol you first choice.

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